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V&P Agencement


The company V&P Agencement was created in 2006. David Voisin, graduate of the Ecole Boulle and co-manager, along with his 5 colleagues, offer to create and realize your projects in three dimensions on various supports such as solid wood, derivatives, metal, resin, etc.

Thanks to their traditional know-how and high-tech equipment, including a 5-axis numerical control, a 3D scanner, a post-processor, a DAO drawing software, etc., we guarantee to listen to your expectations. Every day, we reinvent and develop interior decoration.


V&P Agencement works in various fields such as design, custom layout, furniture manufacturing, high-end wood finishing, and, since 2011, in digital modeling and milling. We cover the entire process of creating custom sculpted wood decorations, from their inception to production:

  • Scanning of an existing volumetric piece and reconstruction of the 3D solid (laser camera with 7 axes of rotation, diameter 2700 mm, precision 0.02 mm).
  • Modeling of a decor to create (CATIA/Solidworks 2014).
  • Conversion into machine language through a post-processor.
  • Machining by numerical control 3/4/5 axes (dimensions: 3200 x 1200 x 120 mm).


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V&P Agencement, 18 Rue Jean Rostand, 28300 Mainvilliers | 02 37 36 40 46

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